Jamie Ellington - Fashion Photography, Fine Art Photography, Portrait Photography



Born and raised in northern Scotland to a community of artists and musicians, Jamie’s father, also a photographer, gave him his old Nikon when he was 12.
This gave Jamie a tool with which he began obsessively cataloguing the various places his family moved to along with the people around him. much of his early work was put into self published zines and offbeat group exhibitions in unexpected venues.

A Kingston University London graduate, Jamie exhibited his work in London and Scotland participating in solo and group shows before moving to New York City in 2014 to continue his career in commercial and fine art photography.
Now working fluidly with film, digital and moving image Jamie creates cinematic, intimate and minimalist work for brands and magazines as well as various ongoing personal projects.

Jamie currently resides in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn and works between New York, Glasgow and London.

Recent work:
CFDA, PUBLIC, Mixmag, Schön, Vulkan, The Impression, BLÆTI, Longview, Stanley Picker Gallery, KODD